A philosophy of nursing

How A Personal Philosophy of Nursing Can Help Your Career

All interactions between the society, the environment, and the recipient of care are dynamic and synergistic. What values should nurses hold. Important topics covered by the Greeks included metaphysics with competing theories such as atomism and monismcosmologythe nature of the well-lived life eudaimoniathe possibility of knowledge and the nature of reason logos.

Her skin was cool and clammy; his vital signs were …. Construct your personal philosophy statement by reflecting on your core BAVs. The first step is to take some time for yourself to reflect upon your professional nursing practice.

Both of these options allow students to earn their degrees while working as soon as possible. Critically examine each clinical narrative. Your actions are based on your view of the world and your worldview is your philosophy. What is a nursing theory. If you really think about your beliefs and values about nursing and the nursing profession, you will have a blueprint that will ground you and drive you through the rest of your career.

I enjoy helping others. Nursing theories and philosophies of nursing are related because they directly affect each other. Your beliefs are a product of: Picking apart the narrative in that way enables you to really understand what is going on in terms of the philosophical beliefs, values, and assumptions about the nursing metaparadigm concepts that are represented in each sentence.

What do you assume to be true without any hard evidence. Smith; Upon assessment …. In some ways, nursing theories and philosophies are the same in that both provide a way for nurses to approach their daily practice and their individual patients that provides the best care for them.

Being able to articulate your personal beliefs is important so that you are clear, in your own mind, about what you expect of your professional nursing-self. Identify which nursing metaparadigm concept is represented in each sentence. You often hear that nurses must overcome a series of demands to provide top quality care.

Learning opportunities develop academic, occupational, and professional knowledge and skills required for job acquisition, retention, and advancement. Doctor of Nursing ND: When considering how to write a personal philosophy of nursing, first think about what is important to you.

The steps are an amalgamation of ideas from DenehyHernandezMastersand Thompson Developing a personal nursing philosophy, and revisiting it regularly, will help you overcome these demands by staying in touch with what drives you. The program emphasizes a combination of air conditioning theory and practical application necessary for successful employment.

Student articulation of a nursing philosophical statement: This can be described as a physical environment such as the area the person lives in, the home structure, or any tangible area the person encounters.

The Renaissance period saw increasing focus on classic Greco-Roman thought and on a robust Humanism. Socrates was a very influential philosopher, who insisted that he possessed no wisdom but was a pursuer of wisdom.

The truth is, we all struggle with the question of personal meaning throughout our lives. As a small child, I dreamt of being a nurse. How are they related. An ADN takes about two to three years to earn. Critical reflection of your own nursing practice will help you understand theory and conceptual model development from a personal perspective.

Nissan asks the question in her book what is the most excellent level of practice. Focus is on investigative and research skills. When you are writing the BAVs, it might help if you start with the metaparadigm concept you are writing about — Nurses, Persons, Health, the Environment ….


What is your personal philosophy of nursing. Science also encompasses the skill required to perform technical tasks.

Read more here. The Philosophy of Nursing (Post) Graduate Essay Competition. Sponsored by the International Philosophy of Nursing Society (IPONS) and Nursing Philosophy (the official journal of IPONS published by Wiley), prizes are available for the best essays written by (post) graduate students on any aspect of philosophy as it relates to nursing or other health or social care practice.


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program focus. The University of Michigan School of Nursing Ph.D. program, which began inproduces leading scientists who advance knowledge for the discipline of nursing.

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The philosophy is presented in the following four pages. The Introduction page reviews why Careful Nursing has a philosophy, introduces the three Careful Nursing philosophical principles, and proposes why philosophical thinking is important for all nurses, especially nurses in practice.

The University of Southern Mississippi nursing program has undergraduate nursing & RN degrees; master’s & Ph.D. graduate degrees. Learn about requirements. Advancements in nursing science and health care emerge from the creative research and theory development of nurse scientists.


The professionals behind such innovations are most often those who hold a doctorate of philosophy, or PhD. Edgewood College offers over 60 undergraduate and 27 graduate programs. Our mission is to engage students within a unique community of learners committed to building a just and compassionate world.

A philosophy of nursing
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