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Choose one of these video quality options. All your client has to do is click New Slide and select the Master Slides of their choice from the resulting drop-down menu. Interactive PowerPoint mockups can give a flavor for how a site or application will feel when you move through it—which is what interaction design is all about.

You can control the size of the multimedia file and the quality of your video. Choose this option if you want to print your slides WITH the notes. If you add the presentation to the Timeline, each slide is added in order and set to the default image duration.

Advanced Interactivity PowerPoint can go beyond basic hyperlinks and simulate dynamic behavior, such as mouseover effects for a Rich Internet Application.

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Slides will be laid out horizontally. Your design may have many more types of slides depending on the requirements of the design brief.

PowerPoint saves your presentation as a Windows Media Video.

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When you create the master first, all slides you add to the presentation will be based on that master. Now you can send your PowerPoint Template to your client.

You can easily email a PowerPoint prototype to people for review and feedback. We told you it was easy. First, make sure that PowerPoint is closed. Check that it is set to record the "screen" by selecting the "Capture" menu, choose "Input" and select "Screen". You can do this in PowerPoint, but each individual page and each individual link need to be created manually.

However, when you print out your PowerPoint with notes which is what you will learn how to do in a biteverything in the notes page gets printed. Creating a new template using masters back to top Like Design Templates, Masters allow you to make design decisions that will then affect each slide or page in the presentation.

You will then see the notes page for each of your slides. Yes, PowerPoint can do all that. PowerPoint tips, hints and tutorials that will change your presentations for ever!

PowerPoint PowerPoint Recolor Clip Art Bingo! Summary Slides Picture Placeholders I want my sound to play for the whole PowerPoint presentation not just the first slide. Want to know the tips of how to save your PowerPoint as a video?

Check out 24Slides presentation tips and get it step by step.

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PowerPoint Tutorial - Applying Templates: PowerPoint Basics Opening PowerPoint Understanding the screen Inserting slides Adding and editing content Select View menu Master Slide Master (or another master from the list) Format the master slide just as you would format a regular slide.

This free tutorial is designed for those who have no previous knowledge of APA Style. To delete a slide, select the slide in the Slides pane, right-click it, and select Delete Slide. Hiding Slides To hide a slide in a presentation, which allows it to remain in the PowerPoint file but not be presented, right-click the slide and select Hide Slide.

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Whether you use PowerPoint for work or study, these tutorials will start you on your journey to becoming a PowerPoint pro! The course is PowerPointand compliant. Video tutorials are recorded in Microsoft PowerPointand for PC, so you can learn the techniques across all versions.

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